San Francisco is really nice but beware, just because it’s in California doesn’t mean it’s warm there (besides the summer of course). I was so surprised that it was windy and cold in May but don’t worry there’s tons of things to do besides suntan!


  1. Cable cars – This adorable mode of transportation can only be experienced in a handful of cities, definitely catch a ride up one of the big hills. Hold on tight.
  2. Lombard street – Rent a car and take it down this street full of hairpin turns. Vroom Vroom.
  3. Golden gate park  – Don’t miss this beautiful park with feature including, the Japanese tea garden, the conservatory of flowers, Lloyd lake and more.
  4. Muir woods and Muir beach overlook – Minutes apart from the other 16 miles from San Fran. you can see the famous giant redwoods as well as the gorgeous chilly Muir beaches, great for exploring on a foggy day.
  5. Alcatraz island – What’s a visit to San Fran without seeing a ghost or two? Book tickets in advance for weekends or holidays.
  6. Wiiiiiiine – Go a little bit out and you’re smack in the middle of California’s wine country. Take a weekend off and enjoy some vino.
  7. Haight-Ashbury – It isn’t what it used to be.. and that’s probably a good thing. Go check it out, see a store entirely featuring tie-dye, have some dinner and say you’ve been there 🙂
  8. The beach – If it’s summer go nuts! Try Baker beach.
  9. SFO airport – What an airport! Don’t miss their yoga room!
  10. Golden Gate Bridge – Last but not least  the famous bridge. Walk or bike over this bridge, the view from the far side looking at San Francisco is gorgeous! If you drive there is a pricey toll!


There you have it the best 10 things to do in SF. Don’t forget that San Fran is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, enjoy yourself you lush. And remember, if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. 😉


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