Brisbane, I’ve had a love and hate relationship with this city. Once I got over the fact that the nearest beach was 1 hour away and found South Bank I’ve been really happy here. If you’re looking for a city experience that’s community focused and not too hectic this one is for you. The amazing Brisbane river runs right through the middle of this city making a LOT of the apartments in the CBD river view.

Besides the obvious here’s some ideas to get you out exploring the city.


  1. Fortitude Valley – ‘The Valley’ as it’s normally referred to here is where people go for dinner and the happening club scene. Prices are higher here, if you’re a backpacker just looking for some fun, no cover and drink deals check out the pub Down Under.
  2. The city cat – Though technically these are basically water buses, they can be a fun way to see the sunset on the water or take a ride along the river for the price of a bus ticket! Tons of tourists do this don’t worry 🙂
  3. The wheel of Brisbane – $20 Is a bit steep to go around in a circle IMO but for people only here for a few days or with kids it’s great! Check it out at sunset or at night for best views.
  4. Street beach South Bank – This is amazing. A man made beach complete with “ocean” (pool) right in the middle of the city, complete with sand. Bring your kids, bring your friends.
  5. River side rock wall – This is a rock wall outside right on the trail beside the river. From the city cat if you know where to look you can see climbers that look stuck to the lit up wall.
  6. Lone Pine koala sanctuary – Here you can feed kangaroos, take a picture holding a koala and see a bunch of indigenous Australian animals including, dingos, vampire bats, sheep dogs, emu’s etc. Don’t worry it’s ethical I checked.
  7. Kangaroo point city walk – Brisbane is beautiful. The best way to check out the CBD is to walk around and eventually walk along the river. The sun sets on the west side of the river which would make this a nice before dinner stroll.
  8. City parks – As you can probably already tell, Brisbane isn’t a normal city. They emphasize getting outdoors and enjoying the city. The parks are no exception. Some even have gym equipment free to use.
  9. City markets – There’s a bunch of markets all throughout the week. I haunt the Milton market on Sundays. Check out your local one for some awesome local produce.
  10. Beaches – Yes Brisy technically has beaches but forget about those. For the same amount of time in a car you can either get to the Gold Coast – 1hr or Sunshine coast – 1.5 hr which are much nicer.
  11. XXXX Brewery tour – Grab some buddies and hit a brewery tour. It aint cheap but it’s fun and you get beer at the end. What more do you want?


What else do you do in Brisbane? Comment below.



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