Canada is excellent. This country has EVERYTHING. I mean you might have to wait for the correct season but you name it you can do it here, skiing, surfing, skydiving, ice skating, boating etc. Why? Because Canada is HUGE, you can fit the whole continent of Europe in Canada.. think about it. Which brings me to my first point:

snowshoeing canada snow

  1. Most of Canada is uninhabited. Basically the lower 1/3 and down is where you’ll see most of the population. I mean Toronto is so low it’s lower than some American cities.
  2. Not every city is a snow covered paradise in the winter. If you’re looking for a warm(er) winter stick to Vancouver, Toronto still gets snow but not as much as other Canadian cities.
  3. If you’re looking for a winter paradise look no further than Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise all of which if you arrive early enough (September / October) you should have no trouble finding winter employment.
  4. DON’T rock up to the mountains in December looking for a job.. you won’t get one and you’ll starve and die.. JK. But since this is seasonal work it might be good idea to check and see what Global and Working Holiday have to offer but don’t leave it too late. A couple of places you can look for jobs is Kijiji, Indeed, JobBank and Monster.
  5. Do you speak french? Quebec and more specifically Montreal (Old Montreal) is very tourist friendly. sunset mountain canada
  6. Check out visa info here to make sure you even qualify to enter Canada on a working holiday visa.
  1. Travel. When you save up a bit of cash, take off (you hoser)! Here are my favourite destinations: Drumheller, Newfoundland, Yukon, Victoria, Tofino, Niagra Falls, Old Montreal, Shushwaps, Lake Louise and Banff. My dream is to road trip across Canada so if you can manage it, do it. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. The food! Canadians love maple syrup, bannock, ketchup chips, Poutine, peanut butter and every ethnic food under the sun. Eat. It. All.
  3. America! If you visit Canada don’t be afraid to take a couple side trips to the USA or even Central America. You’ll soon find out that travel inside Canada is fairly pricey but travel to the USA is rather cheap. Try Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando or New York.
  4. The people! We are friendly folk, we are generally polite and non-confrontational and you’ll always catch us saying ‘sorry’. It’s a habit we can’t break, eh?

You didn’t think I’d mention the ‘eh’ thing did you? We use eh as a question mark. For example, that’s funny eh? Other countries say ‘hey’ but we’re special. Before long I expect to catch you saying it too.

canadian sunset folk festival

Whats your favourite part of Canada? Message below.

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