Iceland, one of my favourite countries, check out why:


  1. Iceland seems to enjoy caraway seeds. I am not a fan so it was amusing when the bread, crackers and alcohol (Brennivín) I bought were all caraway flavoured by accident.
  2. Iceland is sitting on top and between two tectonic plates – Eurasian and North American. You can dive between them or just stand with one foot in NA and one in Europe.
  3. BONUS – a discount Icelandic grocery store with a pig mascot. What more can you ask for.
  4. Eat skyr – Icelandic yogurt. The best I’ve ever tasted. Smuggle some back for me!
  5. Icelanders believe in Elves and fairies or Huldufolk.  But who couldn’t after seeing the northern lights and the geysers .
  6. When touring Iceland there are two main routes the golden circle – near Reykjavik (1 day) and the ring road – around the entire country (7 days).
  7. Beer was the last alcoholic beverage to be legalized after the prohibition in Iceland, it took until 1989.
  8. Icelanders don’t eat whale. Most of the reason you see whale on menus here is due to tourists THINKING locals eat it. Let’s be responsible tourists please.
  9. Now Hakarl on the other hand, fermented shark meat, they do. WOW is it disgusting. I don’t believe in killing sharks for food but when the serving size fits on a toothpick they can hardly be killing many sharks in Iceland for this ‘delicacy’. Have a nibble and follow it up with a shot of Brennivín. Now you can say you’ve experienced Iceland. Please don’t throw up on the carpet. Be warned, Gordon Ramsey spat this out.
  10. Midnight sun means long summer days and short winter nights. Explore to your hearts content in the summer months there’s plenty to do! Need ideas? Check them out here.


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