When somebody asks me what I love about France my immediate reaction is always: What isn’t there to like about France? Frankly though lately there’s been a few things. But I like to highlight the positives because every country has a past, is in a way dangerous and embarrasses themselves in the media occasionally.. (I’m looking at you judgy America). Here are my favourites:


  1. Nutella Banana Crêpes. On. Every. Block. at 1am in Paris 🙂 🙂 🙂 There’s something about french Nutella.
  2. The unbelievable variety at the food markets and friendly people in South France. I ❤ Toulon.
  3. Two words: Table. Wine. Wine for everyone and for cheap!
  4. Leisure pace. Listen up North America, France doesn’t do 10 errands an hour like we do. They take their time and do one or two a day. They stop off and have a two hour lunch with a friend (don’t forget the wine) buy some stamps, have a real (if not heated) discussion with the shop keeper about the price and return back home. All the while looking impeccable and smiling. No rush hour got to get to Walmart-the dentist-the mall-dry-cleaning-pick the kids up from soccer face here!
  5. Culture! I’m sorry NA but France is OLD. Wherever you are, get lost in a museum, have the 2 hour lunch and breath in history.
  6. Speaking of history, Versailles is one of my favourite spots in the world. Spend all day there with a picnic. Rent a bike and get lost in the romance.
  7. Wine country. Rent a car, stay at a winery en Provence, find an Airbnb in the country, whatever you do don’t miss the French country side.
  8. Their fashion and stunning makeup free looks.
  9. Architecture! Try not to trip over your jaw as you walk around this country. Even the little farm towns are ultra quaint.
  10. The PEOPLE! The French have a reputation for being rude but IMO it’s pretty rude to visit their country and start calling them rude because they don’t speak your language. Effort goes a LONG way here so learn some words you’d be amazed at how warm they actually are. 🙂 This goes for every country. Do you want to be a tourist or a traveller?

paris j'taime

What’s your favourite part of France? Comment below!

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