Have you ever dreamed of Tokyo. The lights, the sounds, the culture? Well I’m here to tell you that there’s more to Japan than just Tokyo. Way more. If you venture off the beaten path in Japan you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised by what you find. So, whats out there?


From Kyoto (1hr15min) and Osaka (40min)  by train.


+Have you tried Kobe beef before? If you haven’t it’s a must. This beef is juicy, tender and perfectly marbled. You’ll be tripping over the amount of restaurants selling authentic kobe beef in town.

+Across town in the Nada district you will find tons of sake breweries. Head over for a free tasting and some fantastic (authentic) souvenirs.

+Like towers? check out the big red Kobe tower near the water.



  A 30min train ride away from Osaka you have Nara.

+Friendly deer roam free here.  You can feed them, get a photo or two and explore this magical city. The deer aren’t hard to find just head to the park and you’ll see them.

+Another 45min train ride away is Taima-Dera temple. If you have spare time I suggest you check it out and behold the very old buddhist mandala – Taima Mandala.




A quick 1hr15min train ride away from Tokyo.

+This adorable sea town is filled with charm. Tons of shops, temples and walking to keep you occupied. If you need a break from the big city I would head here since it’s close to Tokyo but a world away.

+Kamakura is famous for the big Buddha, a sight to see trust me.



A quick 3hr flight from Tokyo.

+Very reasonable flights from Tokyo and Osaka to this one of a kind island paradise.

+Okinawa is world famous for diving. A must do.

+Enjoy the island life including surfing, relaxing by the beach and hiking. The list goes on!



Around 2hrs20min by Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo.

 +Step back in time to Japans old capital.

+Check out the Gion district to see real Geishas or get dressed up as a Maiko and head to a tea ceremony.

+The river is lovely and worth checking out with a picnic and the shopping is amazing!

+Why not stay in a real Ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) while you’re at it.



See more about Japan here and comment about you favourite cities and why!

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