High Tea at the Ubud food festival


I arrived the Warwick Ibah villas with a few minutes to spare. I was seated in the lobby with others and struck up conversation while waiting. The tea was a bit delayed so I had time to feed the giant gold fish in their ponds.


We were led to the garden past the delicious canapes and delicacies to our table where we were greeted with a glass of pink champagne and an inviting, ornate wooden fan.


We were introduced to one of the Prince of Ubud who told us the history and struggle of Bali and then his son, a tea master came out touh tell us about tea.

He outlined some interesting points such as the fact that Indonesia got tea from China BEFORE India. However, any tea currently hailing from Indonesia comes from Java not Bali. In fact there are no tea plants on Bali except for their private plantation. He smuggled tea plants from Java and started growing them at their private residence.. illegally technically. He brought those with him and it was a treat to try the contraband.


Next we sampled the morsels, my favorite being the black rice pudding in the cups and the duck pancakes with spicy sambal. My least favorite was the mochi filled with liquid sugar which exploded all over my lap. Thank goodness for lap napkins. What a funny food experience.

I was treated to a conversation with the Princess who hails from Australia. We got to hear about how she wasn’t originally accepted into the family because she wasn’t Balinese and that the family had changed her first and last name when she married which she found out after the fact. She also talked about her restaurant in Seminyak called Biku which I will be visiting for another go at high tea, stay tuned.


Overall the food was exceptional my only wish was for a wider variety of teas to sample instead of just one as well as a some intel. on the tea itself not just the back story. The champagne was an unexpected and fantastic touch. I will definitely be back for another Ubud food festival experience the scene is only 2 years old and I look forward to next years creations.

PRICE: IDR 28,000


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