I’m sure you’re wondering what a typical homestay/airbnb/hotel is like in Ubud. When I first started looking it seemed overwhelming.



  1. What do you plan on doing in Ubud? Yoga, touring, food market daily, quiet time, lavish dinners? Try googling potential home stays in relation to your desired activities and remember walking in this heat makes it 10x more exhausting.
  2. Can you ride a scooter? Yes? choose anywhere your heart desires. No? Stick close to the main roads to avoid constant taxi hassle. But be honest with yourself, the main cause of death in south east Asia for tourists is scooter accidents.
  3. There are three main roads, Jalan Raya (Starbucks road) Jalan Hanoman (Yoga Barn) & Monkey Forest (Monkey Forest) This is where almost every restaurant and spa and activities in Ubud are situated I suggest just off any of these.



  1. Local transport will generally try to rip you off, These are the guys hustling on the sides of the street, they’ll get you from point A to point B but try to bargain their price down. If your paying 100,000 to go anywhere inside Ubud you’re paying too much a ride should be max 50,000 on a bad day.
  2. Taxi’s, try to hail a bluebird but make sure you tell them to turn on the meter. If they refuse, get out and try again.
  3. Uber, unlike in Kuta and Seminyak it’s illegal here/less accepted so be safe. Don’t ever mention Uber to any taxis or local transport especially if you’re getting into one as they might start a fight. Jump in quick. Be patient if you really want one it takes anywhere from 2 mins – 1 hour to find one. Know they may park a block or two away if there are any local transport booths
    IMG_4005where you are standing. I used Ubers many times here with mixed results but personally when you can get one they’re 1000x better than the other two options. If there’s ever a problem just contact Uber. Great for budget travelers
  4. Scooter, renting one daily should be about IDR 50,000 but for extended rentals bargain for a lower price.
  5. Along with google mapping, see how far in from the main street your place will be. A lot of homestays can go as far back as 1 block and down stairs etc. so if you’re planning on bringing a suitcase you should be prepared for a potential hike.


It all depends what you get but I personally had a very clean room with a so-so bathroom, decent breakfast and a nice pool 10 minutes (by car) outside the center for IDR 150,000 / night and then everything but a pool centrally located for IDR 150,000 So you can see a pattern if you want all the bells and whistles the price starts climbing.

A very good price for a decent homestay for a month is IDR 3,000,000 – 4,000,000 ..if you can get one. Just be sure you either check it out first or look at the pictures closely and ask questions about hot water, breakfast, bathroom arrangements etc.

I have also personally had homestays for IDR 400,000 / night that were exactly the same as above so if you’re staying for a bit try to haggle the price down.

You can use airbnb to look for homestays and yes you can haggle with them ALWAYS HAGGLE. Say things like I’m traveling alone is there a reduced price or we’re staying for a long time is there an additional discount or I was looking at one for X amount cheaper  price but yours is nicer can you match it. I’ve found 9/10 they will send a reduced price, they expect it. Or when you arrive you can pop your head into a couple places and haggle in person. It’s a good idea to have a place to put your things for a day whilst you shop around however.



  1. A below average bathroom sans toilet paper (ask for it)
  2. Don’t drink the water, free water should be available if not they will be selling it at a decent price
  3. Breakfast, it seems the more you pay the better the breakfast is but generally it consists of a combination of, eggs, toast, pancakes – usually banana, juice, fruit and if you’re lucky traditional black rice pudding (delicious)
  4. A fan unless you had the foresight to book the room with AC
  5. Ants, they’re literally everywhere and the sooner you accept it the less you’ll care or notice – they’re tiny anyways

Generally I’ve been more than comfortable in any homestay I’ve stayed at but if it’s you’re first time my best advice is to book someplace for a couple of days until you get your bearings and you’ll know exactly where you want to be and how to bargain for it. Happy hunting!

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