In a recent post I mentioned that the beaches in Brisbane aren’t worthy of our sunscreen. There is however a lovely alternative which is North Stradbroke Island. This little island is the nice relaxing getaway that Party island Fraser Island isn’t AND you can actually swim in the ocean here! Getting here has a few steps but it’s all very straight forward and oh so worthy. Accommodation on this island is pricey. Your best bet is the YHA hostel, camping or the hotel otherwise accommodation can run you $1000+ per week. The island is fairly big but the inhabited places are sparse and small. Perfect for an explorational day/weekend trip.



Drive east all the way towards the ocean. Your destination is Stradbroke Ferries on Emmet drive.

How: Make sure to pre book your car in advance online! Find The Big Red Cat office and check in. Then just drive on and relax, this is the slower ferry. If you’d like a view and don’t have a car take this boat anyways. The taxi is fast with cloudy windows so you can’t see much from the seats and there’s no upper deck like on the Red Cat.

Price: Around $150 depending on the car

$10 return for walk on per person

Drive time: 45 minutes – 1 hr

Boat ride: 45 minutes – 1 hr



Stradbroke Water taxi:

How: From Roma street transit station take the Cleveland train all the way to terminus Cleveland station. Get off and follow signs to buses. From there take the public bus 258 down to the dock. From there head into the office and purchase your ticket. Otherwise head straight to the boat, you can buy tickets aboard as well, it will be the smaller faster boat.

Price: $20 for a two way ticket onto water taxi

$10 for return bus to North Stradbroke + train fare

Boat time: 25 minutes

Total time: 2.5 hrs


Straddie Flyer:  *Cheapest option

How: Same instructions as above, at the bus stop take the free bus to the boat dock which arrives ten minutes before each boat departure. Buy your tickets at the office and enjoy the ride!

Cost: $19 round trip

Boat time: 25 minutes

Total time: 2.5 hours

Once you arrive you’ll be in Dunwich, NSI. Most of the goings on and tourism happens up in Point Lookout. To get there hop on the (only) bus from either ferry stops. This bus goes up and down the same road. You’re about 15 minutes away at this point. Don’t worry if the bus doesn’t arrive on time here they’re sometimes on island time baby.

Have an amazing time in Straddie!


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