There are three ways to get to Brisbane from Surfers Paradise which is great! It all depends on your budget and timeframe.


Where: From 4217 bus station Surfers paradise to Brisbane coach terminal

Cost: $15-$19 depending on day/time

Time: 1hr 15 min

Pros: Free wifi, scheduled around 3x per day, online booking

Cons: It’s a bus, they’re pretty nice though


Public transport to train

Where: Surfers paradise to Roma street station

Take a public bus to Nerang station then train to Brisbane: Roma street station

Cost: $12.07

Time: 2-2.5 hrs

Pros: money saver, goes frequently

Cons: Lots of walking, time and you must transfer from bus to train


Rental car

Where: Central Surfers Paradise to Brisbane

Cost: Around $100 w/o insurance

Time: 1hr

Pros: Can transport up to 5 people at once, car tunes, works out to the same as a bus fare with 5 people

Cons: No wifi, actually having to pick up and drop off the car, no room for 5 sets of luggage


Greyhound Australia


Generally I think unless you have a big group I would almost always choose the Greyhound option. It’s reasonable and fast and goes central to central in both cities and don’t forget their free wifi! Have fun in Brisy and Safe travels! 🙂



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