Dive deep into this spa the moment you leave Ubud, Karsa Spa is situated to the north about 10 minutes. Tucked into velvet green rice fields you’ll feel like you’re in a different world.

I started my afternoon off with a luscious hair cream bath where she brushed, washed, creamed, rinsed and re-creamed my hair until it was super soft. I opted for the air dry. 1 hour later I was escorted back to reception where I was led to my own private paradise, complete with waterfall.

For the first treatment we dove deep into my heart chakra for a


full 90 minute massage. The strokes were deep and thoughtfully executed and I melted into the table.

Next I was scrubbed down with a crumbly coffee scrub that hardened so it could be swept off to reveal a softer layer of skin. Followed by a chilly body mask to seal the moisture in.

After a quick rain shower  I plunged into the most beautiful bathtub full of fresh flower petals and frangipani. Trust me, the most expensive spa in North AmerIMG_3494ica doesn’t even come close to the beauty and luxury felt in this moment.

Then I topped everything off with a sunset pedicure facing the rice fields, the day was more than complete.

To be honest there’s nothing I would have changed about this spa experience it was lovely from start to finish.




Arrange a pick up with your driver as it is far out otherwise the cabs they call cost IDR 100,000 to get back into the center!

Want a coconut with your pedi? Just ask!

Going with their packaged deals is a money saver but really for 780,000 for all this you can’t go wrong.

Go early and settle in, you’ll want to explore the grounds and take a million photos.


Total paid: IDR 780,000

My rating 4.5 *


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