Like the sign says Welcome to KL but sometimes the customs line says a different story..  Kuala Lum
pur has three Airports, Subang, KLIA and KLIA2. Mostimg_8847 fly through KLIA/2. KLIA2 is reserved for Airasia flights and are in the process of renaming it to make it less confusing for new arrivals. You can go between the two by tram for RM2 it takes 5-10 minutes. Subang, however, is 45 minutes away towards KL so make
sure you know which airport you need! The question for layovers is should you get a hotel for your time in KL and which one?

There are 5 options really so it all depends on budget, length of stay and whether you want to see KL or not. The 5 are: Capsule hotel, Tune Klia2, Tune Sempang, Sama Sama hotel or venture into KL for their hotels.


Capsule hotel:

Useful check in at all hours, stay is between 6hr-12hrs, great for short stopovers.

Price: RM110/12hrs

Location:Must exit security, still inside airport

Comfort: Think closed room at a hostel

Washroom: Shared

Size: basically just the bed

Near Food: Yes

Transport: Walk

Overall: 3*

Tips: Earplugs


Tune Klia2:

The first of 2 tune hotels  at Klia2. This is the pricier, fancier and closer one.

Price: 4 hrs for RM110 or 1 night RM300

Location: Must exit airport, 5 minute walk

Comfort: Basically a regular hotel room

Washroom: Yes

Size: Regular

Near Food: Yes and 7-11 in hotel

Transport: Walk 5 minutes (ask someone, there are no signs at first)

Overall: 4*

Tips: Make sure you don’t book the 4hrs by accident!


Tune hotel Sempang:

Tune Klia2’s more confusing, cheaper, younger brother.

Price: RM110/1 day

Location: Must exit airport, middle of nowhere, 15 minute drive

Comfort: Basically a mini hotel room 9m x9m

Washroom: Yes

Near Food: No (food hall across the road is a possibility)

Transport: 15 minute drive, take Uber (13RM) or shuttle from the other Tune hotel (runs only from 9pm to 9am every 2 hrs)

Overall: 4*

Tips: Have dinner first, bottled water is cheaper here, to find it book through Agoda or their website, wifi isn’t the best, maximum 2 guests 1 is barely comfortable


Sama Sama hotel:

Inter airport hotel for the busy business class or family who don’t need the hassle of multiple security checks.

Price: RM740+ 1 day

Location: Inside airport security

Comfort: Basically a regular hotel room, has pool

Washroom: Yes

Near Food: Yes

Transport: Walk

Overall: 4*

Tips: This hotel restaurant has international plugins at every table for charging your devices if you don’t have an adapter. Get a pizza and charge your things on your layover here. Additionally if you have several hours to spare but sleeping isn’t required, check out their deal for RM108 which includes 3 drinks, buffet and shower while you relax.


KL hotels:

For longer stopovers, KL is 70km+ from the airport


KLIA Ekspres: RM55(25 for kids) 40 mins

Uber: RM90  90mins

Taxi: RM110  90mins (buy in airport)

Location: Select near monorail/LRT systems for maximum savings

Hotels are numerous as well as hostels ranging  from RM30+ so pick your favorite



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