Intro diving at Gili Air’s top rated dive center, what’s it really like?

IMG_4591   First things first you’re going to fill out forms the day before starting which are release and medical forms. Don’t even think about diving with any health conditions, if in doubt get clearance from a doctor.

The Next day you’ll do a brief equipment overview and you’ll waddle into the pool all suited up for the first time. The equipment is heavy. You’ll cover breathing under water, safety and emergency situations, problems with your equipment etc. Then it’s time to learn to swim. The equipment is heavy but you should be relatively buoyant with the help of your buoyancy compensator. It’s kind of like an inflatable life jacket that you can inflate and deflate whenever you need to float a bit.

Once this is compleIMG_4632ted and you’re comfortable and the instructor is confident you won’t panic in the ocean you’re ready to hop into the boat. Don’t be alarmed that the boat is more of a fishing boat and that everyone seems to know what they’re doing besides you, you’ll pick it up quick.

The instructor will help you put on your tank and then you’ll do final checks. Now it’s dive time! On your first dive I’m sure one person will panic so it might take some time to get down and dirty. You’ll then be escorted around the reef to a maximum of 12m with your guide and see all the pretty things Gili Air is famous for including Nemo.

Once the dive is done you’ll come up to 5m to do a safety stop and then you’ll go all the way up and bob around while

IMG_4625waiting for your boat.

You did it, wasn’t that awesome!

Back at the shop you get to talk about all the things you saw, fill out your log book and discuss further training.

Training you’ll definitely want because now you’re hooked! Remember you’re not certified to go diving yet so every time you want to go out you’ll have to do this training process all over again so you may want to consider doing the open water diver certification course next, your intro dive should count towards that course anyways. I started out as a rookie in Gili air and now I’m an advanced open water diver, it’s so much fun I can’t stop!

Happy diving!

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