When traveling to Bali you will most certainly hear about the Sacred Monkey Forest but what is it really like to go inside?

I was meeting friends and it was early, and I was early (go figure) which is how I discovered there is free wifi at the forest! So if you’re trying to meet someone or there is an emergency, keep this in mind.

There are a few entrances, I visited a couple. You’ll know you’re near when you start seeing a couple monkeys on the road. The least busy would be the entrance by Bali Bohemia on the map, however, the area it leads into is the most intense so be warned.

The entrance fee is IDR 40,000, or roughly $4. When you get in you are greeted by a woman with a cart full of bananas. I didn’t buy, why invite that kind of chaos into my life? You start to see little monkeys goofing around, grooming, doing the nasty, whatever, everywhere.

Further along we saw the Monkey forest temple, the river with giant komodo dragon sculptures and an event pavilion. This leads up the stairs to where people are feeding and tak
ing photos with monkeys. My advice if you don’t want any trouble whatsoever is to stay away from this area or get in and get out quickly. This is where Bali Bohemia’s entrance begins. Not to say there is anything bad happening up there but with so many people feeding monkeys and taking photos etc. there’s more of a chance for interaction there.

I desperately wanted a photo with a monkey so I made sure my backpack was zipped up with my sunglasses, water bottle and keys inside and I sat down next to a couple of them on the steps. It worked, I got a photo with them.. I also got a photo of one on my backpack trying to break in.. and another of me running away from all of this.

All in all I had a blast in the monkey forest but I was cautious the entire time. I didn’t feed them and I definitely didn’t touch them.


Things to keep in mind:

Piercings have been known to cause interest

Put anything you’d like to keep, including sunglasses, water bottles, keys, your own food and hats IN your backpack!

Speaking of food, don’t bring any.

If you do get hurt there are street signs for first aid in the park.

There are rangers in there to assist, don’t be afraid to talk to them if you need help.

Don’t yell and don’t run just walk calmly to a ranger for assistance if they’re bothering you.

Watch out for each other.

Don’t disrespect the monkeys in their home.

COST: IDR 40,000



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