There are so many great experiences to be had In Bali and no top ten list can name them all but these are my very favourite:


Mt. Batur climb – I’m no climber and this was my first mountain. Let me tell you I felt like Iron man when I got to the top and watched the sun rise. It will take your breath away.

Night market in Gianyar – Food is the soul of a country. Start here and try all the local delicacies and fall off the beaten path.

Secret waterfalls – They’re out there and they are amazing. Ask locals for the inside scoop near you.

Massages at Karsa Spa – Not rolling in dough but want a 5 star spa experience? Karsa spa in the rice fields near Ubud is the place. The flower bath is a MUST.

Uluwatu – Sitting on the deck at Single Fin watching the surfers with a Nalu bowl is heaven to me. Or sneaking a 4 hand massage and then hitting the ocean. All is good in Uluwatu.

Diving in Nusa Lembongan – This island is beautiful and quiet and you can dive with MANTA RAYS!

Yoga in Ubud – Need a break Ubud is the place to relax and spend some quality me time. Get some punch passes and play yoga bingo as I like to call it, try anything and everything. This is the place to do it as everything is fairly beginner friendly. Always wanted to try Brazilian dance fighting (capoeira)? You can at The Yoga Barn!

Snorkelling in Gili – You can just about see it all in the Gili’s so get that sexy mask on!

Facials and Colonics at either Cocoon medical spa – Trust me you’ll walk away a new person.


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