Have you heard of Nimbin Australia? I hadn’t until my friends dragged me to this tragically beautiful little town. Its about an hour from Byron bay, same from Surfers paradise.

This town is know for one thing, drugs. The nice thing about this town is the scenery it’s situated on the edge of. There area around this town is gorgeous so if you get a chance, camping here is a treat. We ended up staying at the YHA hostel in their teepee but there is plenty of space for camping and van camping. The real reason we chose this spot was for the view of the hills and valley. It looks like the french countryside here.

Should you buy drugs here? Sure a little weed won’t kill you but anything else will be fake and/or dangerous so don’t bother. Cops have long since cleaned the town up.

What’s there to do here? Nimbin is actually pretty tame during the day as long as you can laugh off a bit of strangeness. Arrive early, have brunch in the cafe or bakery, check out the hippie shops, go on a nature walk through the rainforest and maybe check out the tiny goods market. All in all it could take a half day or more to explore this little town but in my opinion it is not necessary to stay overnight here. It can be seedy at night and with major towns an hour away in both directions there is really no need to do more than a day trip.

Have a safe trip and enjoy.


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