Radiantly Alive:

Some visitors to Bali might be surprised to find out that there are a variety of yoga studios in Ubud. Just off Jl. Ray in Ubud, tucked in behind the Bali Buda shop, is a quaint if not more relaxed and intimate yoga studio called Radiantly Alive.

Like the bigger yoga studio The Yoga Barn they also have a variety of yoga classes suiting different styles and strengths, There are half as many classes per day but there are some unique ones worth checking out. At a lower price point than TYB it’s hard to say no to testing out this studio as well.



Free filtered water

Change rooms

Free wifi

Payment with cash, credit or Paypal (online)




Acro yoga

Arial yoga


Roll and release

Tibetan heart opening

Gentle flow


Soft evening flow


Arm balance

+ Workshops


I personally took:

Soft evening flow: A nice way to end you night/ begin your weekend. Don’t make plans after, just run a warm bath and go to bed early. 🙂

Arm balance: This class is a gem. If you’re looking to expand or even step your toe into the world of arm balances, this is the place for you. The teacher taught in a very safe and supportive fashion, pairing you up so there was always a spotter and never pushed you past your limit which is important.

Tibetan heart opening: An interesting class where you meaningfully connect with your fellow classmates and do a few exercises. Quite nice.

Roll and release: An active yoga class where you work maybe from top down on a ball to release you facia and muscle tension. Highly recommend after a long week of yoga. No pain no gain.

Arial yoga: I can’t stress this enough. You will fly and feel amazing. I had a smile plastered across my face the entire time I did this class. It’s not for everyone consult the studio if you are heavier or have an injury to be sure but hand down my favourite class in Ubud.

Vinyasa: A standard vinyasa class with nice and big classrooms/sizes. They sometimes provide towels for this class.


The second time I stayed in Ubud for a month I bought a 10 class pass at both yoga studios (Radiantly Alive and The Yoga Barn) and went back and fourth to both so I could pick and choose the classes best suited for me. It was convenient for me because I was staying in the middle of the two just off Jl. Raya and walked to both (sometimes in the same day). Consider this when booking your accommodation.

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