Nusa Lembongan is a small island south east of Bali, it is only roughly 8 square km but there’s a decent selection for food. Here are IMG_4897my real experiences.

The Deck

Where you can go for a western meal and pay close to western prices for it. I had the best nachos I’ve ever had here and that’s saying something. Their menu is comprised of well put together salads, pizzas etc. They must have a western chef because the flavours are spot on. Along with tons of craft cocktails they also have fresh juices and ripe coconuts to drink as well as a nice viewing area to watch the boats.

Sandy Bay Beach Club

The allure of this place is the view and the proximity to dream beach and devils tears. The food here is decent but not amazing. It always annoys me when I order a traditional Indonesian meal and it lacks flavour, c’mon. The coconuts here are overpriced at 35k but it was cold and came with a lime, probaFullSizeRender (5) copy 3bly the best one I’ve had in Bali so I’ll overpay, thank you. Overall a slightly expensive place catering to westerners, good for a nice view of the far away sunset. I suggest breakfast then take advantage of the pool for the morning.

Eco cafe

I came here for the first time looking for a bottle of water, this is not what they do. They are a community as well as a restaurant trying to clean up Lembongan and start a recycling program. They have generally breakfast items which are great for a long breakfast but the menu is a bit sparse othIMG_4945erwise. The banana bread was delicious the fruit plate was full and the muesli and yogurt, yum. Try the peach tea with honey it’s addictive. Fair prices for what you get.

Theater Restaurant.

What a great concept for a restaurant! You get free entrance to their feature film at 720 if you eat breakfast lunch or dinner there. The food is decent, probably overpriced for what it is but the movie is the real attraction. Showing while I was there was Jurrasic park and superman. You can also opt to pay for the movie if you prefer to eat elsewhere. One thing this place needs to capitalize on is movie treats, I was looking around for a chocolate bar the entire time I was watching the movie.

Got any other restaurant feedback? Let me know! Tell me about you favorites!


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