1. CHORDS –  I have gone through so many chords while being on the road for the last year. I am on iPod cord number 4 and laptop chord number three. There’s something about travelling and squashing these chords into backpacks and suitcase that means immediate and total destruction. Good thing I have pretty standard chords but the price tag aint cheap.

  2. NO INCOME – Learning to live with no income has been fairly rough. Watching your money go down and you can’t do anything about it is agony. I have picked up small jobs here and there and even doing a working holiday stint. But come on, wouldn’t it be nice to be PAID to travel!

  3. SAYING GOODBYE – This is the most annoying of all! Saying goodbye to good friends or even new ones! You wrestle with yourself when deciding whether to befriend people. You think is it worth it or are we just going to say goodbye in 2 days anyways. But you make do and have fun while it lasts. The ones that stick were meant to be.

  4. NO HOME TO SETTLE – We obviously all love and hate this at the same time. Not having a home means you’re out in the world doing. But it also means you never really fully empty your suitcase, your stuff is always tough to find, repacking you bag gets annoying after the 40th time, you just want a regular pillow, the list goes on and on. If I could teleport back home once a week that would be the dream.

  5. TRAVELLING – We all love travelling but what about the physical travel? You know the endless cheap busses, water taxis, airplanes, airport security, scooters, tuktuks and taxis. Some of those are fun (water taxis are cheap boat rides!) but MAN can they get tiresome. Especially travelling on the cheap with longer flights and layovers. But I suppose it’s all part of the experience right?

  6. REPLACING THINGS – NOTHING is more annoying than say buying a towel in one country, being overweight and having to chuck that towel at the airport and then REBUYING a towel in the next country. It drives me bonkers. I recently had to lose my umbrella at the Melbourne airport.. It is now raining cats and dogs in Bali. Am I going to buy a new umbrella? Out of principle and stubbornness, NO!

  7. DIFFERENT CULTURES CLASHING – It’s a love/hate. It’s always hard when you go on a trip trying to find yourself and you end up having to follow other people rules on how to dress and act. It may not seem like you’re getting any closer to your self. Like in India as a woman having to be covered shoulders to toes. That’s not me but you have to trust that there’s more to life than dressing your way and only experiencing one way of life. I’ve learned to embrace and even love it.

  8. NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED – After spending so much money, time and effort into planning for a trip (especially if you’re a TYPE A personality) and things don’t go your way you can start to see red. I have an epic story about how I sneakily figured out how to cut my cost over to an island down from $25 to $10. Long story short it took 10 times longer and ended up costing $50 instead because of a few surprise factors. You can’t plan everything I guess but let’s all learn to go with the flow.

  9. OVERPACKING – It happens. It happens to me every time. I left home with the perfect weight. But that obviously means that there’s no room for extras or souvenirs. So you have to start giving things away or buying less or carrying more onto the plane.. I’m that person that has a backpack a purse and a yoga mat as carry-on luggage. I make up for it with a LOT of apologies.

  10. SAYING NO TO THINGS – Flying all the way to Thailand and then realizing that you want to do everything under the sun can be heartbreaking (and pocket breaking). Kite surfing, playing with elephants, diving, snorkelling, going out to fancy dinners the list goes on. The line has to be drawn somewhere. My rule is to pick one or two things that I can’t really do anywhere else but that city/country and they have to be things I would regret not doing when I left. Et voila I have my to do list.

All in all I can say these little annoyances don’t make or break a trip and even sometimes make them more fun because who wants to hear about you sun tanning sesh when you could tell them about that time your car broke down in the middle of the jungle and you had to fight off a rabid squirrel . Better story right? So breath in and breath out and enjoy your margarita cup half full.

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