I love Mexican food, especially authentic let’s give it a go.

I arrived on my bike, it’s tucked into the top of Gili Air so its not really on the mainIMG_4467thoroughfare. I wanted to sit on the beach but it’s not possible since they’re on a bit of a cliff. The sunset would be very lovely from this area but swimming isn’t the best.

I sat down at one of the bamboo couches which were actually pretty uncomfortable considering the pillows. I didn’t exactly have a server but I ordered a Veggie Hamburguesa off of a girl floating around. Yes I knIMG_4474ow hamburgers aren’t Mexican but they had a Mexican flair. The menu is probably as Mexican as you can get on a tiny island. It was supposed to come with onion rings and a salad however it actually came with herb boiled potatoes and a red onion cucumber pickle salad. They were great. The meal was good I haven’t been able to get a proper bun in all of Bali so I assumed a tiny island would be no different, and I was right a bit stale and chewy.

All in all the dinner was good it was presented beautifully and I thought the prices were only a bit high for what I got. One thing that would be nice is informing the guest if the sides are going to be entirely different and possibly refining the service style but whatever it’s island life baby.



  1. Janset Berzeg says: Reply

    I’m the owner of The Mexican Kitchen and just wanted to thank you for your visit.
    As you’ve described quiet clearly yourself, operating an authentic Mexican restaurant with all fresh ingredients ain’t easy, but we’ve got it right.
    Just referring to your hamburguesa vegetariana, our pate is made of beetroot and coconut flesh so it’s not only delicious but super nutritious. So are our homemade buns. The side salad you received is the correct one, it’s a fresh living beetroot and cucumber salad with our special dressing and the potatoes are cooked in extra virgin olive oil and yummy herbs.
    We avoid deep fried foods so that’s why we don’t have French fries or tempura style onion rings on our menu. Our definition of onion rings is rings of fresh onion, they’re much better for you especially when traveling keeps you away from bad bacteria.
    Thank you once again and much appreciation for mentioning us on your website. Wishing you all the best.

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