You know what no one tells you when you plan an extended trip? That it’s going to be difficult. Rewarding, yes. But think about it, you’re packing up your entire house semi regularly. You DON’T know where your next meal or friend will come from and sometimes there are hostels. Enough said. So let’s make things easier for us shall we? Below are some gifts from the travel god themselves and we thank them.


SKYPE – We all have access to FaceTime and Facebook chat and whatsapp but Skype is actually crazy useful. Set yourself up with a Skype phone number and you can make calls all around the world. I find this especially useful for calling local numbers in different countries and calling home. A secret trick is 1800 numbers are free so whenever possible call a companies 1800 number.

CURRENCY CONVERTER – Download one onto your phone and add the currencies you will be using. It’s a great offline tool!

WIFI – Don’t cheap out when renting a place. This is the biggest money saver because it means more time for research (and less time at an internet cafe buying crap coffee)!

ONLINE REAL ACCOUNTS – I always check online and see A) If what I’m planning to do is ethical and sustainable and B) What it’s really like/worth it. This knowledge is invaluable.

POWER ADAPTORS – Save yourself a TON of money, especially if you’re travelling country to country, on a MULTI country travel adaptor. They might appear pricy but it’ll save you time, energy and money while travelling to just have one. Bonus points if it also has a USB attachment!

AIRPLANE TOOLS – Earplugs, socks, headphones, eye mask, sarong. All in flight necessities that will make you airplane-seat-lottery-loser immune.

COUCHSURFING APP – Get it. Instantly find people who are also travelling alone/without a group who are in your area that want to hang. I have nothing but positive experiences with this app and makes meeting new people so much easier! I actually met people from my home town in Japan this way. Small world.

JOURNAL – And write in it. It is insane how much you can learn from your past thoughts and track your progress and document your fun!

COCONUT OIL – Turns out its natural a sunscreen, moisturizer and it keeps my hair from going loco in the humidity.

GOOGLE FLiGHTS – Gone are the days when we must trust our travel agent blindly. The more you use and figure out this tool the more amazing it becomes. Pro tip – Select your home airport and destination then add a date but click on the map to see the price to fly into nearby airports or even cities. Sometimes you can save $100’s of dollars by simply flying into a lesser known airport.

That’s it! got any other travel tools you use on the daily?

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