Ready to be a backpacker? Is travelling in you veins? Here are the top 5 ways to make friends abroad!

  1. Check yourself into a hostel. Preferably a busy one (check the ratings or reviews) every one there is travelling alone and looking for friends just like you! The worst thing you can do is sulk alone in a hotel room. Not into share rooms? Most hostels have solo rooms, keep the vibe and the comfort.
  2. Talk to people. This might be a no brainer but I’m an introvert who resorts to headphones in lonely situations. Wrong idea. Opening yourself up and making yourself approachable is the best way to strike up a casual conversation with someone! When in doubt compliment them on something and trust me, it flows from there.
  3. Be active. Don’t sit in your room, go do something you like. Like yoga? Join a class it’s the best way to meet like minded people like you!
  4. Join tinder.. Maybe score a (free) meal and some conversation for the night!
  5. Join couchsurfing. No you don’t need to stay on strangers couches to make friends. On their app they have a ‘Hangouts’ section where you can find people looking to hang in your radius. It’s game changing!

Now get out there and make some lifelong friends already!!


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