Coming from Canada Bali is a lonnnnng sometimes (in my case) 4 plane rides away. So what the heck do you actually need when coming here


1. I never EVER travel without baby wipes.. the uses are endless.

Things to keep in mind: Not all washrooms have toilet paper (or toilets sometimes), Asia can be pretty grimy, I spill wine sometimes.. you get the picture..

2. Headlamp/good flashlight

I can think of 10 times I’ve needed to use my phone flashlight this month while wishing It was better and/or I could still use both of my hands

3. (Large) Water bottle

A lot of homestays, yoga studios etc. have jugs of water for refilling so whenever you see one fill er up, the tap water isn’t drinkable here. Another is to buy a big water bottle from the convenience store and reuse but please try not to buy a new one daily, it’s not necessary.

4. Bug repellent/sunscreen

I bought jungle strength bug repellent because of dengue and malaria

5. Power adapter

You’ll need the one with two round prongs or even better the one that can interchange with the different kinds if you’re traveling onward.

6. Copies of your passport and passport photos

For visa extensions, lost passports, visas for other Asian countries etc.

7.  Very light rain proof jacket/umbrella

It doesn’t get cold here but it does rain. The good news is it doesn’t last long.

8. Travel towel

Most places will give you a full sized one but I’ve used mine for all sorts of things including showering at the yoga studio, wiping up sweat at yoga (did I mention it’s hot here), day trips to the waterfalls etc.

9. Backpack

This might be a no-brainer but it’s hard to man

age a purse/bag while on a scooter, especially if you’re the driver. It’s also good for any day trips you might like to do including climbing Mt Batur, trekking, attractions etc.

10. A Journal

Time goes by so quickly here and with so much time for reflection and new experiences it’s nice to document this.


OK a lot of this you can buy here bordering on all of it but I think you’d rather hit the ground running set up for success than trying to find these when arriving amirite?



Whats in my backpack daily?

  1. Phone charger
  2. Water
  3. Bugspray
  4. Cash (not everywhere accepts card)
  5. Laptop
  6. SPF chapstick
  7. Headphones
  8. Journal & pen
  9. Baby wipes
  10. Phone/Camera which is also my wallet



What didn’t I need that I brought?

  1. 2nd pair of shoes (I barely wear the first as is)
  2. Clothing, Just bring minimal amounts you can get cheap tank tops for $3 apiece and a nice silk dresses $20 etc. just pack some of your staples and be done with it (fill the rest of your suitcase up with souvenirs
  3. Travel books, online real accounts/advice are better
  4. Groceries, besides snacks – forget about it you can’t make it cheaper at home, it’s time consuming hot and you don’t have any salt
  5. Expectations, they’ve been blown away so don’t worry you’ll find your path


I would love to hear your must haves for Bali there must be other things we travelers need daily!







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