Hidden in the hills of Neyyar Dam is the Sivananda yoga ashram. Along with a good attitude you’ll need a few key things to make your stay comfortable during you yoga vacation. Here’s a list of the must haves:


Things to bring


+Big towel or travel towel and sarong.

+Laundry detergent

+Granola bars. Don’t bring foods you need to cook or will attract pests – anything individually wrapped is perfect.

+Power adaptor, they only have indian plugins here.

+A sim card!!! The wifi is extremely spotty and can go out for days.

+A yoga mat and bag.

+The best outfit is baggy pants and a t-shirt. These can be bought here, a set will be around RP 1000.

+Tiger balm/Japanese mint oil for sore muscles.

+A tennis ball (or two) to roll out your tired muscles.

+A (second) pair of flip flops for the shower

+Toilet paper

+Bug spray

+Eye mask + earplugs if you’re staying in the dorms

+Cash! Cover enough for your stay and then some. You might need to buy things from the shop or the cafe or get a massage etc. I would say RP 5000 is plenty extra.

+Notebook and pen

+Book! Bring the yoga sutra and give it a go or any other spiritual book. Have you read The Alchemist?!

+A watch

+A prayer shawl (or sarong) for satsang in the AM and PM will make you more comfortable.

+A ‘meditation pillow’ is just a pillow you can use to sit on for meditation. Bring what you have or buy here. I sat on my rolled up yoga mat because I didn’t have extra space to bring one.

+Candies to share are a good ice breaker if you’re shy (everyone loves chocolate) 🙂




The biggest thing you’ll need is an open mind and remember to accept/take the philosophies you like and try to learn about the things that make you uncomfortable or you don’t quite understand or believe in. Keep them in the back of your mind and maybe some day down the line you pick them up again when you’ve grown a bit more. Nobody can accept and adopt everything about yoga all at once don’t worry.

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