Gili Air is small, really small but the choice for food is actually pretty diverse. I only had a week but these are my experiences:

Scallywags Beach Club

A slightly expensive a la carte by day and delicious kebab/buffet joint by night. I had some indonesian favorites during the day, washed down with a local mango cider and then at night I tried the kebab and buffet. Both were under seasoned but the buffet was awesome and tons of sauces to kick your food up a notch. I find salad VERY expensive in Bali and beyond so to get a simple iceberg salad included in my dinner made me a happy camper. Try the coconut ice cream.

Zipp Bar and Restaurant

Set a few doors down from scallywags I personally think this is the better kebab place. It is cheaper, the kebabs have a nice herb rub and virtually the same buffet. The thing that sets it apart is the view. Set down the beach you can actually sit on the beach and most often they have giant bonfires going and candles. Definitely good for a low key romantic dinner.

The Mexican Kitchen

Set at the top of Gili Air it is perfect for the sunset and a quick Mexican snack. Slightly high prices but the food is filling.

Pelangi Bar

Being a lazy beach side bar near the hammocks you’d think to go elsewhere for dinner however they have decent delicious food. Their creamy chicken pasta and veggie curry is awesome and relatively cheap. Catch the sunset here if you can snag a hammock.


Dinner is meh but they have 2 for 1 cocktails and a killer sunset view. They even seemed to be surprised that I ordered dinner because they were pushing the cocktail deals so hard to everyone.

The Waterfront

Medium price and location are whats keeping this place going. Their carrot cake is delicious. The food is middle of the road and needed lots of salt in their curry and the tea comes out in a very unfortunate cup fyi.

Warung Muslim

Their food is pre made and you order by getting a plate and they help you fill it from the cart. Everything is 15k each so the price adds up quick. Overpriced and not fresh IMO.

Chill Out Bar

This place is busy during lunch, lots of options and they have pizza! I ordered a marlin steak med rare it came out well done with a side of fries and chop suey. It was a weird meal but I’d go back.


I went past several times because I heard they have a good burger. The owner is American so order your burgers well done to avoid illness please! The prices were too high for me to actually want to eat there though.

Pacha mama Organic Cafe

Looking for healthy this is your place. Serves mainly vegetarian but has some meat dishes. It’s tucked in a bit so ask for directions if you get lost!

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